Italy did not play real football, Wilmots said after the Belgian defeat

Belgian coach Marc Wilmots after an initial defeat at the European Championship 0: 2 with Italy criticized his opponent. According to him, the team from Lyon’s Apennine peninsula did not play real football but concentrated only on counterattacks.

The Belgians on Monday did not confirm the role of a moderate favorite and did not finish waiting for the first competitive prize for “Azzurri”, lasting 44 years. “Italy has focused on breeds, and they have not played real football, and when you are facing someone who has all the players scrawled, it’s hard to sit there on a sofa,” Wilmots told reporters. > The Italians came into the lead in the 32nd minute after the misunderstanding of the Belgian footballers.Stoper Leonardo Bonucci from the midfield sent Emanuele Giaccherini’s centerpiece to Emanuele Giaccherini, who surpassed goalkeeper Thibault Courtoise.

“It is a great disappointment for the whole team.

And they made a couple of them, even if they were missiles from a distance, then we made a small defect in the defense and Italy scored, a bad communication between (Tobym) Alderweireld and (Laurent) Ciman, “declared Wilmots. / P>

After the change of sides, the Belgians added, but the finalist of the previous Euro was looking at the prize, plus Pellé added a well-protected counterattack in the setup. “It’s hard to return to the match, especially against such an experienced rival.After the break, we played much better, but it was still not easy against the Juventus block in their defense, “said a coach for 47 years.

He was not satisfied with the performance of the offensive players, the attacker Romel Lukaku overcame, Kevin De Bruyne was also left behind. “Lukaku did not have a good night and De Bruyne could play better. I have no explanation for it, maybe Kevin is tired after a tough season. But now is not the time to talk about it. We have to get together to advance to the eight-finals, “Wilmots pointed out.

” If you make mistakes at this level, you will dearly pay for it. But nothing is lost.We have two matches to advance, which is our goal, “added a former midfielder whose teammates still face the Irish and Swedish matches in the E group. On the other hand, Italian coach Antonio Conte was victorious Excited. “I have to thank players. We were well prepared for the match with a very good team. Everyone was involved in the victory, not just those on the pitch. From the beginning, I say this is a team of men and then soccer players, “said Conte.

” This is important, because in such a tournament you need the right alchemy in the team.I was very happy to see all the players happy, including the ones on the bench, “added a coach forty-four, who heads Chelsea after the Euro.

However, the opening triumph is not over. “We have to keep our feet on the ground. Let’s not forget that two years ago we won the opening match in the World Cup and then fell out of the way, “Conte reminded. ” Our goal remains an eight-finals, but I believe that with this approach and unity we can prove great things, “ added a native of Lecce.

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